Epic's latest store update brings cloud saves to more games

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What’s the holdup, on condition that its competitor Steam has provided cloud saves since 2008? CEO Tim Sweeney noted that its a handbook course of for the Epic store crew, requiring them to save every particular person recreation. All Ubisoft titles have supported cloud saves since their launch due to Uplay integration.

The games with cloud save help, which Epic added during the last month or so, embrace: Alan Wake, Close to the Sun, Darksiders III, Enter the Gungeon, Genesis Alpha One, GNOG, Hyperlight Drifter, Kingdom New Lands, Limbo, Moonlighter, Mutant Year Zero, Overcooked, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, The Sinking City, This War Of Mine and World War Z.

There’s another excuse why Epic would not simply cloud save its whole library in a single fell swoop. Epic has to work with builders of different launched games to take a look at cloud saves. It hopes to allow more games over time — and sooner or later, cloud saves will likely be enabled at launch.

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