G2A proposes blocking tool to deal with shady game key resales

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The firm wasn’t planning to do that with out cooperation, although. It mentioned that creating the tool could be “time-consuming and costly,” and requested for 100 builders to register their curiosity within the tool by August 15th.

This would forestall some scam-based makes an attempt to revenue off key gross sales. With that mentioned, it is unlikely to fulfill a few of the underlying complaints from game studios. Although G2A has promised to crack down on resales utilizing stolen cost playing cards and chargebacks, this tool would not cease it. The firm additionally stays hesitant to let builders block total video games from resale, having claimed that “either side have legitimate factors” in that debate. There’s nonetheless a definite risk that you will see ill-gotten game keys on the service, then, even when they don’t seem to be as prevalent as they’ve been.

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